WE   aka  i am frome. i stated singing from DHA young muzik Ent i was thought to sing hot song by riless bado i love music. i am still a young boy and i am still  in school secondary,singing is my hobby when i am small i love music any where  i hear music i will start thinking about my life i want to be like iyayan because i like him very much and my role model is iyayan,wizkid,bros josh,young Marcus ,riless bado,qussyoung, and my brother horlazy.very soon i will still join mbuk or Man Made Management Music this group was found by iyayan mbuk (MMM). i  like hip hop  very was my music like beremole komujo.mp3 i have 4 younger brother  1 younger sister and i am 15 years old i am upcoming artist like young Marcus too.
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