Fans Blast Davido Because Of His Shitty Performance In New York Last Night


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Davido claimed his concert in New York city had such a great reception the police had to shut it down because the venue was too packed(READ).

Well it seems like that is not really what happened because Davido’s fans that came out for the concert last night have being complaining on their individual social media platforms  (twitter, instagram), some claim that Davido was high, and that he really disappointed them last night and they are also demanding a refund of their ticket fees. Read what one of Davido’s Fans said:

I guess we all should have known better. He’s 21 and he went on stage high and intoxicated! Where they do that at? I’m not an artist and I understand that they do need a little extra something to perform infront of a huge crowd but dude was out of it. I thank God I never waste good money on an outfit for that b*****d!

Below are some Screenshots of tweets and instagram comments(Not so clear pls manage):

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