MUSIC: Boogey – Deaf (Remix) ft. Eva


Everybody’s favorite lyrical terrorist, Boogey, is back something with new—and decidedly different—for his fans: a cover of Eva’s popular single “Deaf”. As you’d expect from the AbOriginal MC, the song features the top-notch lyricism, witty asides, and darts thrown at blind pop culture followers and “sheep”.
“Deaf” is released as a precursor to Boogey’s upcoming EP, “TINAA (This Is Not An Acronym)”. A collaborative project with hip hop’s best-kept-secret, producer Charlie X (the genius behind Boogey’s breakthrough hit, “Sanctum”), TINAA—which will feature a diverse range of artistes such as Aduke, Eclipse, Pryse and Morell—will be released in May.

Until then, sit back and enjoy Boogey’s take on “Deaf” – yet more evidence of the Ab Original MC unstoppable march toward his destiny as “Nigeria’s Next Great MC



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